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Article: Discover the Journey of SundayToSunday Clothes

Discover the Journey of SundayToSunday Clothes

Discover the Journey of SundayToSunday Clothes

Step inside our Los Angeles Factory and take a behind-the-scenes look at how SundayToSunday clothes are expertly crafted. From patternmaking to finishing touches, we're proud to share our sustainable and meticulous production process.

Patternmaking: Crafting the Blueprint

Patternmaking is where the magic begins. It's like creating a blueprint for each garment, outlining every piece that needs to be cut and sewn to bring your favorite clothing to life. Our skilled Patternmakers, Wendy and Humberto, pay meticulous attention to detail as they transform sustainable designs into tangible patterns that ensure the perfect fit for each piece.

Marking + Grading: Ensuring the Perfect Fit

Meet Manuel, our expert in making sure our clothes fit everyone just right. He takes the pattern and carefully adjusts the dimensions of each pattern piece, a process known as grading. After grading, Manuel strategically places all the pattern pieces onto a marker, providing a guide for the fabric cutting process.

Cutting: Precision and Sustainability

Our cutting team is the best in the business, and they don't cut corners when it comes to quality. Each roll of fabric is unrolled onto the cutting table, where it's inspected for any damages during the spreading process. Using an industrial cutting machine, our team precisely traces the marker to cut the fabric. The resulting pieces are bundled and readied for sewing, with any leftover scraps eagerly recycled into new fabric.

Sewing: Teamwork and Craftsmanship

We are proud to collaborate with some of the most skilled sewers in the industry. Our clothes are constructed through a seamless assembly line process. Each sewer plays a pivotal role in bringing our garments to life by sewing a portion of each piece, passing it down the line, and contributing to its completion. Our sustainable fabrics are now ready for the next step: color.
white sewing machine

Dye House: Vibrant and Eco-Friendly Colors

For the color transformation, our clothes take a short trip to our local dye house. Instead of sewing with pre-dyed fabric, we prefer garment dyeing, a process in which each piece is dyed after it's sewn. We use only non-toxic and low-impact dyes, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. This method not only eliminates shrinkage but also imparts our collection with the super-soft feel we adore.

Labeling + Finishing: Quality and Detail

As we near the final stages, our sewing team attaches all labels post-dyeing since most labels change color during the process. Our diligent finishing team meticulously inspects each garment for any flaws or damages in a quality control process. A touch of steam, a gentle press, and a few careful folds later, our clothes are thoughtfully bagged (in a compostable bag, of course) and ready to be shipped directly to you.

Curious to learn more about our craftsmanship and sustainable practices? Reach out to us at, and we'd be delighted to answer any questions you have about our clothing production journey.

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